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New 5700xt causes pc reboot

Question asked by keolx on Jan 11, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2020 by aussems

Hi all, i got a new 5700xt today and I been having a problem which is really bumming me out right now. I upgraded from a Gtx 1060 mini 3gb to a Sapphire 5700xt. The card is having issues since i got it. first the game crashed just a few seconds to a minute of gameplay. then after i DDU the gtx drivers, undervolted the gpu and checked that my psu is sufficent i made progress. But now i started playing and just a few minutes into the game (10-20 minutes of rainbow six situations) I know that the metal plate of the gpu is hot, but my temps are fine (50 idle) (80 ingame) my old gpu had the same temps and nothing seemed to happen. Im in bit of a hurry as the return window was only 3 days.

thanks in advance, here are my specs

5700xt sapphire

16gb ram

i5-7400 processor 

xpg spectrix140gb ssd (right above the metal plate)

1tb hdd

600w psu