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Ryzen 3950x with low Cinebench R20 score

Question asked by sdugoten on Jan 10, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2020 by psikotic

I have set the 3950x on stock speed with no PBO nor auto overclocking running on ASrock x570 Creator with Corsair H115i Plat cooler. The highest temp I got when running R20 is around 77 degrees and idle at 47 degree. I live in a related warm country so the temp seems OK. However, my R20 score is just around 9008, which seems a bit slow compare to other people have around 9300 using the same CPU without PBO.


I guess the problem is that the CPU boosting speed even on single core never really hit the advertised range. The highest speed I got on a single core is 4331Mhz, which is far from 4700mhz.


I wonder where is the problem which make my 3950x that is 300 points of score lower than other 3950x? Thanks.