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will they ever fix black screens?

Question asked by fixamddriverspls on Jan 10, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2020 by amdmatt

yo , sapphire pulse 5700 xt owner here.

i am sure you know what i am talking about since obviously this is a problem much before it hit me. 


i've been having fun with this topic RX 5700 XT Random Black Screens When Gaming  .


seems like 6 months arent enough to fix the damn drivers when its literally making people return their gpu's and buy nvidia.


i am about to be the next one because this sht is NOT cool, some of us use these things for a living u know?


people that pay for your sht shouldnt be bothered to even come here and complain .


i am in the process of upgrading my pc and this is really making me reconsider ANY amd parts, because of the nonexistent support and not that great performance in gaming.


please fix your sht. its been 5 months since people started complaining. this f gpu costs half of my PC ?!!??!!?


i use displayport for main monitor and hdmi for the secondary.


sorry for the attitude but i am mad af after the 117th crash and restart. removing the 2nd monitor DOESNT help.


CPU: Intel Core i7-7700
GPU: RX 5700 XT Sapphire Pulse 8GB
RAM: 16 GB 2133 mhz L15
Motherboard: Asus H110M-CS
PSU: Seasonic Focus Plus 750W Gold

Monitor #1: Alienware AW2518HF 24,5" 240hz
Monitor #2: 32" Finlux TV