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Could processor kill the motherboard

Question asked by unepromo on Jan 10, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2020 by black_zion

I was wondering if a defective Ryzen 5 3600X could kill motherboard over time. I first started using the first motherboard (ASUS Strix B450-F) without any problem for a few days, then it started to disconnect with other peripherals including the monitor intermittently. After switching the other parts (DRAM, GPU, PSU Cables, DisplayPort cable, HDMI cable etc.), I noticed that none of the fixed the problem. I then decided to replace the motherboard with X470 from ASUS. X470 worked fine for a few hours and then started to show the same exact symptoms as the older board. 


So my question is, has there been ever a case where CPU could short out the motherboard over time? Or is it just me that got really unlucky and got two faulty motherboards in a row?


• Monitor turns off and comes back on randomly.

• Observed the abnormally in BIOS.
• Had no problem for about a week and started while using the machine.
• No application specific behavior; happens during gaming and browsing.
• When the random turn off seizure starts, the best option is to leave the mouse alone for few seconds. Moving mouse would immediately disconnect the monitor and connect back again.
• I have wireless headset which gets disconnected at the same time with the monitor.


Things that I tried:
• Reinstall Windows.
• Reinstall drivers.
• Update the BIOS.
• This was first observed with Asus Strix B450-F so I replaced it with X470-F. It was fine for about two weeks (~35 hours of actual use time)

As with the current case, B450-F worked fine for about two weeks and started this symptom.
• Replaced graphics card with another one that had no problem.
• Replaced the PSU cables.
• Reconnect all the cables
• Try HDMI instead of DisplayPort
• Connect laptop to the monitor to check if the monitor is the problem. (Same HDMI cable).