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3950x Thermal Expectations with AIO and plenty of air

Question asked by esc952 on Jan 10, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2020 by sdugoten

I'm running a 3950x with an NZXT Kraken x72 (360mm top-mounted and mounted using Thermal Grizzly Condutonaut Liquid Metal) in a Lian Li 011 Dynamic with 3 side-mount 120mm hi-speed intakes, 3 bottom-mount 120mm hi-speed intakes, the 3 x 120mm NZXT fans output (through the radiator) and an 80mm output fan mounted top-rear of case.  FWIW, I'm also running on an Aorus Elite and using a PowerColor Red Dragon rx590.


This 10-fan (plus VRM fan) setup moves more air than a jet engine...and sounds like one too.  With no OC at all, even set to Performance fan profiles I'll sit about 40 C at idle and mid-70s C during a blender benchmark test and have momentary spikes into the 80s.  I have not tried Prime95 Torture test yet.


My intention is to OC this to 4.3-4.4Ghz all-core.  However, I'm very leery of thermals if they are that high on a non-CBO 3.5ghz base now.


Any thoughts on what I should be expecting?