Darksiders lll - FPS Drops - RX 5700 XT

Discussion created by luciferium on Jan 10, 2020
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Hello. Sorry for the my little English. I have random FPS drops in the game. Through 2070 no-super I have any problems. I'm very dissapointed.  My frame rate can drop even at 40fps. The game become jsut unplayable. My RX5700 didn't load above 50-70%. For comparison I freely playing RE2 Remake on ultra settings with 60fps.
Attached DxDiag.
They should make a possibility directly report from Radeon Software game's page.


Scrrenshot from RadeonSoftware


UPD: 11.01.2020


Updated drivers to 20.1.1. It doesn't help. Sadly. I decided to test one the most freezed location in the game where I have fps drops at 40 on rtx2070.
RTX2070 GPU load was around 40%-45%. Occasionaly I can have dropы to 57fps or even below but realy rarely. Most of time I have stable 60-61 fps.
My RX5700XT GPU laod jumping like crazy from 30% to 70% gpu laod. Even if I will just stand on place and I will looking at one point.