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switchable graphics are broken

Question asked by light4wing on Jan 10, 2020

Hey. I recently formatted my notebook which had an Amd r7 m340. so i freshly install windows 7 uefi on my notebook and installing some drivers. Because my notebook was from HP, i downloaded the switchable graphics driver and the intel and the amd driver. amd driver didnt work with it so i downloaded from the amd site. so, i installed the 2020 version of the amd Adrenalin driver(2019/12/16 release). and i download 'heroes of the storm' to test it if it was working. but it seems to just only recognized the intel hd 520(i have a i7-6500u) as the graphics card. so i thought i did a mistake on the app settings. but every thing was the same. i even changed the power settings on the control panel. after googling some information i tried to find the switchable graphics tab but  i couldnt find the switchable graphics settings and the aditional radeon settings. . what should i do? i tried installing some of the older drivers but that case the settings would crash. 

windows 7 sp1, i7-6500u,ram 8gb, AMD  Radeon R7 M340.

notebook HP 15-ay081tx