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Generic display adapter, dedicated Radeon 520 won't work?

Question asked by spawnner on Jan 9, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2020 by spawnner

Hi there.

I recently bought Dell Laptop Inspire 15 3580, for more than a fair price. What really attracted me to buy it, is his dedicated video card Amd Radeon 520, its GDDR5 card with 2GB of dedicated memory, it also has Intel i5-8265U processor with 4 cores, 4GB or RAM. I installed Windows 10 pro, and after quick driver refresh I noticed something is not quite right. Animations were all laggy, videos, games. After a little check-up I saw that it only use Windows generic driver instead of drivers I installed. 

Problem is partially solved, when I installed Intel UHD 620 driver. But its still at 10% of its possible performance.

I tried everything. And I mean, everyting:

1. Installed latest drivers, then installed older ones. No change

2. Installed in this order over the Dell official site: UHD then AMD Radeon 520

3. Disabled, Removed device from Device Manager. - No change

For some reason, Windows wont use dedicated GPU and i get very low performance. I know I haven't bought spaceshuttle but this is no near performance that it is capable of, considering components its built off.

Note that I did all of this while plugged in A/C, and my Power plan was set to High performance (i even altered some of the settings for "High performance plan", like minimum processor power and etc.)

If you could help me out, I would be gratefull.