Radeon RX580 Acts like Off monitors are On

Discussion created by westhillsweb on Jan 8, 2020

I added a TV to my office for displaying presentations. I bought a Radeon RX580 to power it and my other two monitors. The TV is connected through the DisplayPort on the card with an adapter cable to convert it to HDMI. 

All three screens work just fine. 

My problem is that when I turn off the TV, my Windows 10 Pro-64 PC still recognizes it as ON. As a result, when I am moving windows from one screen to another, they end up on the turned-off screen on the way to where I want them to go. More commonly, when I am moving my mouse around, it sometimes gets lost on the turned-off TV screen. 

What I would like is to be able to have the TV screen not be recognized when it is turned off.

Is there a setting for that?

Thank you.