Artifacts, Blackscreens, Bluescreens, Crashes

Discussion created by shikeilive on Jan 9, 2020
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Driver: 19.12.3

CPU: AMD 3600x

GPU: Sapphire Radeon 5700XT Pulse

RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200Mhz

MB: Asus B450 F Gaming Bios 3003

NVME: Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB

SSD: Crucial BX500


MonsterHunter:World is unplayable, Blackscreens, Err grphics device crashes, Bluescreen Memory Management

PUBG is in Fullscreen not playable Artifacts seems like Card is broken flicker etc

GTA 5 isnt starting GameLauncher Crashes everytime - Rockstar Support says its the GPU

Fortnite is stuttering with 300 FPS, come one rly? 


Overall in other Games like Borderlands 3, The Forest, ARMA 3, WoW, TESO the GPU is performing well but micro stuttering at 200-400 FPS is a shame - i think i go back to NVIDIA cause you suck AMD - ah i want my money back