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19.12.3 Complete Mess

Question asked by john007 on Jan 8, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2020 by john007

AMD this is unacceptable.


HDMI Scaling locks to 30FPS (I cant see the edges of my display on all resolutions)


Black screen of death on idle (Powerplay issue)


3D applications utilizing 300mhz core, results in either a crash or stuttering (Phantom Lag)


Driver GUI crashes out when you first login, works fine after a second start of the driver.


OC settings just seem to reset and deletes all my profiles when I'm online?


Weird IP addresses blocked from the driver? Why is my GPU driver sending inbound/outbound requests?


No games play solid 60FPS because of your stupid downclocking powerplay crap.


Now the good.


3D modeling is brilliant, no crashes. Fury X crashed out.


Unreal, Lumberyard, Unity works fantastic, never seen stable 500+ FPS before so that's very good AMD.


So right now we have a Radeon VII crashing out on all games, and I cannot see the edges of my display.


I have sent a support request form and haven't heard back from you.


I'm contacting the seller and requesting a time frame for a refund, this is a joke, such a great GPU and you provide this joke of a driver to your top end users?


Please fix this.