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Flickering in games when full screen, OK when running in a window

Question asked by azurege on Jan 8, 2020

Latest 19.12.3 drivers with a RX 5700 XT on a new x570 with 3600x cpu, was fine up to installing 19.12.2/19.12.3.

144hz HDR monitor 1440p

All drivers up to date, Windows up to date, BIOS up to date.


When I have any games running in full screen or full screen (windowed) the colours flicker really fast, almost like they are changing light and dark, it stops when I change the game to run in a Window.


My drivers are set to Standard with everything turned off other than freesync.


Anti-aliasing set to Multisampling (although it flickers in any setting)

Texture Filtering Quality set to Standard (although it flickers in any setting)


It's driving me nuts as It didn't use to do it until the driver update and it is really putting me off playing anything on the PC.


Any ideas?