5700XT Black Screen only on First Boot and only when Streaming video

Discussion created by shadowfox2160 on Jan 7, 2020
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Relevant Info:


ASRock Z270 Killer SLI/ac (most recent BIOS)

AMD Driver version 19.12.3

Dual 1080p 60Hz Monitors (One AOC on HDMI, One ASUS on DisplayPort)



The first time I try to stream video after starting up my PC, both screens go black.  Literally the second a YouTube video loads, *boop* black screens.  Every time.  The ONLY fix is a hard reboot, and I have to go through this process literally every time I turn on my computer.  Once the crash has happened and I hard reboot, though, everything is literally fine.  Videos play, games run, I can game on one monitor and stream video on the other, etc, no issues at all.  But it has to crash first.  I assume the graphics driver is crashing but it's crashing so hard that Win+Ctrl+Shift+B does not reset it and I cannot get video back without a hard reboot of my PC so I cannot confirm what exactly Windows is doing once I lose video.  This is unique to the 5700XT.  Remove the 5700XT, install my old Vega64, reboot, no issues.  Power down, remove Vega64, reinstall 5700XT, power up, load a video and *boop* black screens.  Gaming is fine.  I have 0 issues gaming, everything is perfectly stable, FPS is great, temps are fine, etc.  The issue only exists with video streaming and is repeatable like clockwork.  


Current Solution:

Start PC > visit YouTube > click random video to cause crash > flip PSU switch off then on > restart PC > problem solved.  I have to do this EVERY TIME I start my computer from cold.


Things I've tried:

Driver 19.12.2: Same Problem

Reinstall Windows 10: Same Problem

Reinstall Windows 10 using different ISO/media: Same Problem

Install RX5700XT in my backup machine (Dell XPS 8900, i7-6700): Same Problem



The issue is either the card itself (unlikely since gaming is fine and a hard reboot ALWAYS fixes the problem but is ALWAYS required) or the drivers.  Since AMD is literally notorious in the industry for having absolute garbage video drivers, I am leaning toward the drivers as the issue.


Things I KNOW the problem ISN'T:

Power Supply (Antec 800W in my primary rig and Corsair 650W in backup Dell, both exhibit same problem)

Motherboard (ASRock Z270 and stock Dell board, both exhibit same problem)

Windows Install (Reinstalls, different media, different computers, Home vs. Pro, etc, same problem)

DOA Card (Once I jump through the hoops, everything's Kosher.  The card is fine, this is software related)


This card was a $500 investment and while I consider myself very lucky to not have any of the game crashing issues that others are reporting, it is absolutely asinine that I have to jump through these hoops to get my system running daily.  Fix.  Your.  Drivers.  The ENTIRE INTERNET has been complaining about AMD drivers since back when ATI was making the cards.  Apparently after the merger y'all kept the same illiterate old man ATI had writing their drivers.  Please, my dudes, fire this guy.