AMD Radeon VII downclocking core in 3D applications (Powerplay Issue)

Discussion created by john007 on Jan 6, 2020
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Seems we have an issue with the Radeon VII, the core MHz fluctuates from 800mhz to 2020mhz its all over the place, it results in weird phantom stuttering on 3D applications. (Looks like Vsync turns off ingame with no screen tear but I don't have enhanced sync enabled)


Its the exact same issue with the AMD Fury X back in 2015, I had to flash a custom BIOS to fix the issue but I cannot find any custom BIOS for the Radeon VII.


I already have +99% Powerlimit and the core still tanks to even 500mhz in 4K, 1440p which ever resolution.


I have flashed the Radeon VII with the 1.06 BIOS update, no luck in fixing the powerplay issue.


Temps are 75c with 100% fan for testing, I would like to see some solid FPS before I go ahead and watercool.


Right now my old Fury X does a better job.


AMD chill is disabled also, could it be the drivers are bugged and the chill parameters are actually active?


Not using Afterburner either, using Wattmann to monitor values.


I'm not sure but please help.