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Adrenalin 2020 streaming quality is atrocious with Fury X

Question asked by yaapelsinko on Jan 5, 2020

I've tried to use the new software features to stream, the quality is at the levels of software x264 encoder in OBS, given that x264 is at ultrafast/veryfast quality levels. A blurry mess if there is even the slightest movement. Here's a couple of samples, filenames are self-explanatory:

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The streaming presets are Ultra and Custom (Ultra with 3000 bitrate), recorded via stream archiving.



I mean, what the point of having a hardware encoder if not to use some computing power to encode stuff nicely? Having Fury X, I thought I had a nice number-crunching device to do that nicely.


What is really killing me is the fact I have full control of the game's graphics quality itself, so I can configure it to use just a fraction of GPU power, say 25-50%. Yet, I can't put the rest 75-50% to encode it nicely. Why oh why, we're living in 2020 already...