Fixed Clock Rates

Discussion created by farcurse on Jan 5, 2020

i would like to get a fixed clock on my 5700xt so that i can play games the way i want, it was not advertised in the box that the VGA sets the clocks it wants when it wants only that it had a boost clock and a base clock for gaming.



  • Boost: up to 1905 MHz
  • Game: 1795 MHz
  • Base: 1650 MHz

why is my VGA going under the base clock ???

and when i set the minimum MHZ to be the same as the boost why is it not respecting that ?


i dont care about how much power it uses. i want what i payed , this feels like an unfinished product 

and that i have been scammed. 


theres ppl here getting bad performance playing MINECRAFT for crist sake .......