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5700xt LG 38UC99 compatibility

Question asked by decimad on Jan 5, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2020 by decimad


from the beginning I had compatibility issues with my pairing of the 5700xt with an LG 38UC99 monitor.

The symptoms were

  • frequent crashes in games when I had Freesync enabled in the monitor settings
  • image darker when activating Freesync in the monitor settings (This could be the monitor switching brightness, I dunno)

The crashes improved to being no issue with newer driver editions.

However one thing did not improve...

The BIOS of my new mainboard won't be able to display if Freesync is enabled in the monitor, as if the 5700xt Firmware itself is not able to drive the display in stock VGA modes and requires Driver assistance. Is this the intended behaviour or cannot be fixed?


Edit: Another sympton is that the graphics card is almost always not able to wake up the monitor from sleep mode, I did not check this with Freesync off yet.