Adrenalin 2020 drivers causing reboot while gaming

Discussion created by tennis579 on Jan 4, 2020

I installed a new RX 5700 into my computer (replacing my old GTX 970), installed the latest 19.12.3 software. My computer is suddenly rebooting while playing games for a few minutes (Apex Legends, Titanfall 2). I ran a 3DMark stress test and it passes with the GPU at 78C. I remove the drivers and installed 19.12.2 with no improvement. I then removed the drivers and went back to the last Adrenalin 2019 software and it worked fine.


It might be just buggy 2020 drivers but makes gaming impossible unless I use outdated drivers. Any potential fixes would be appreciated!

-Windows 10 (64 bit), XFX RX 5700, i7-4790k, ASUS H87-PLUS, 16gb RAM, 600W PSU, Asus 1440p display (displayport)