Ryzen 3800x RGB fan color control problem

Discussion created by vol4ever on Jan 4, 2020

Recent first time builder here, and it's also the first time I've ever had an RGB rig. Played around a ton with different control solutions, and finally settled on MSI's Mystic Light. Took some fiddling, but I finally have all my components responding correctly with only 1 problem . . . . . . the CPU cooling fan supplied with AMD Ryzen 3800 chip. The FAN itself responds to ML color commands, but the OUTER RING stays in cycling rainbow no matter what I do.


FYI, I have MSI MPG X470 Gaming Edge WiFi mobo & fan is connected to one of the board's JRGB inputs. I read somewhere about using USB header instead, but that was for AMD's CoolerMaster software which sounded like it would require fan to connect to USB header instead, plus CM will only control the fan colors and none of the other system components.


Any tips on what I may be missing? Also open to other control software recommendations. My Thermaltake case fans, AMD CPU fan, Silicon Power memory sticks, and MSI graphics card all have RGB capability and I'm looking for an all-in-one solution rather than a bunch of individual. Pretty sure Mystic Light is the ticket, if I can figure out that crazy CPU fan ring?? Thanks in advance!




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