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Yet another 1603

Question asked by kleas706 on Jan 4, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2020 by kleas706

Hey all, just got an upgraded GPU, and haven't had any luck installing the new Radeon drivers.
Used to have the Crimson Relive thing, and wanted to upgrade, but whenever I try to install the drivers it gets roughly 75% of the way through installation before locking up and giving me an error 1603

I've done quite a bit trying to fix this the last day and a half and was hoping someone could figure out what's been going on with my install by reviewing my install log, seeing as official support has been... taking their time getting to my ticket

Listing off what I've done trying to fix this :

  • Tried the official radeon cleanup utility
  • Tried Display Drive Uninstall
  • Disabled my Antivirus
  • Fully updated windows 10
  • Cleared out C++ entirely
  • Repaired the System Registry and files
  • Tried all of these inside and outside of safe mode
  • Tried with my old GPU to no avail

I'm hoping to have this new GPU fully functioning in the next few days, as I just spent $160 to get it, and now I can't even use the old one.

With that, please, help me D: