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New Radeon Software is different. How do I revert back to the old software? Can't find Wattman in this one, and need to set a fan profile for gpu...

Question asked by sushileaf on Jan 4, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2020 by black_zion

Just went to update my drivers through the software so I could play some new games I installed...

Suddenly I have different software... Surprise, it's different so I'm not used to navigating its GUI... Don't know where to find Wattman to set up a custom fan profile for my GPU which is needed in my situation.

I don't need this software that logs how long I played my games, and what my last game was played. I don't need software with a subsection that lets me stream my gameplay to twitch. What is all this bloatware for? I don't need an upgrade advisor. I don't need a system to help me take screenshots.

Just let me keep up to date on drivers, and control the fan speeds.

I've had to jump through all kinds of hoops now over the last 30 minutes just because I decided to update my GPU drivers.

Also, AMD... get a live support team... ***. I shouldn't have to reach out to other customers for help.