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2700x High idle temp, task manager cancel that

Question asked by yiro on Jan 4, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2020 by yiro

Hello everyone and happy new year,


So I know this is a common topic but nothing I've tried has been helping so far.

My setup:


Ryzen 7 2700x (stock cooler, Amd Prism)
Asus X470 Prime pro (bios ALASKA - 1072009 BIOS Date: 09/11/19 23:45:28 Ver: 05.0000D")
Corsair Veangeance pro 2x8go 3000mhz cl 15
PNY RTX 2060 super
Corsair Spec 06 rgb.

Win10 64b Pro genuine and up to date


When I power my computer, temperatures immediately go around 60-65°C in Ryzen Master as I'm idle on desktop. EDC is always around 98-99% in red.

I noticed that as soon as I open task manager, in ryzen master temperatures drop dramatically to 38-45°C and cores Mhz fluctuate like a lot better, edc drops to 80-90%.

If I close task manager, this last situation remains and all is well. This happen at every startup and I can't understand why opening task manager fix the former issue.


I've tried changing power plan, I deactivated PBO in bios ans Ryzen Master in on Auto mode.

Any idea?


Thanks in advance.