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RX570 OBS Streaming

Question asked by mocano on Jan 4, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2020 by mocano

Hi there.


I need help to configure OBS Studio (with streamelements extension) to stream on twitch and record to youtube.


I'm facing a lot of problems with some games trying to stream it on Twitch even after reduce totally the graphics on the game.


My Config:

  • CPU: FX-8320 3,5Ghz;
  • GPU: Radeon RX 570 Armor 8Gb 256bits
  • 8Gb HiperX memory 
  • MoBo: GA 78LMT-USB3


I'm also have

  • SSD 120Gb (with the SO and minor programs)
  • SSD 240Gb (with some games, Sony Vegas and Photoshop)
  • HDD 1Tb (with all the rest)


Some games like Raft becames impossible to stream recently, but it was nice before (september I've streamed a lot of hours on it) just using the setup wizard of OBS.

I've been failed also on games like Jurassic World Evolution, The Outer Worlds, Stranded Sails, Pummel Party...


Sometimes Paladins, also lag... even on Stardew Valley I'm facing some minor lags


Some clips:
Twitch (the video is paused by lag but the sound remains FeelsBadMan)


  • My objetive:
    Stream at Twitch 720p30 (Obviously if I can set it to 1080p60 it would be great hahahaha)
  • Record to Youtube at 1080p60 (Actually I record No Man's Sky at 1080p with no problems)


That's it guys, sorry about the extense text but I'm trying to explain everything to help you to help me.

PS¹ I'm Brazilian, and my english isn't that so good, so, sorry about that.


PS² I'm insisting on OBS because I have all minor things configured there, and also, in my head if it works before, with the right configuration will work again.