rx470 strix 4gb. Unable to update drivers. Error 43

Discussion created by dmitrykr on Jan 3, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2020 by dmitrykr

Hello! A week ago I became an owner of rx470 strix 4Gb card. The problem is when I try to install fresh drivers from official Amd repository (radeon software updater) or even via Snappy Driver Installer the card became unresponsive with Windows Error 43 device report. The only working solution for me is to install version of driver dated 26.11.2016. If I do an upgrade to ANY version higher( or clean install after DDU drivers uninstall in safe mode ) - I got this error 43 and not working card. What I have tried is:
- to reinstall clean Windows 10 - not helped;
- to use another computer - same issue.
Could this mean that there is a hardware problem with my card? Can you suggest me any possible solutions in this case?