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dedicated graphic card not being used

Question asked by escanor on Jan 3, 2020
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I have a pretty common problem which a lot of people in this thread seem to have so i will try to explain to the best of my ability what is wrong so that there maybe someone who had this problem can provide a fix. 

Product number
Product name
HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab136ax
AMD Quad-Core A10-8780P APU (2 GHz, up to 3.3 GHz, 2 MB cache)
Memory, standard
4 GB DDR3L SDRAM (1 x 4 GB)
Video Graphics
AMD Radeon R7 M360 Graphics (2 GB DDR3 dedicated)

So I'm using an hp apu laptop with r7 integrated as well as r7 m360 dedicated. The problem is that the m360 isn't being used for gaming, mind you i had this laptop for five years the only reason why i'm making a fuss now is that i didn't really play many intensive games back then( in fact till this moment all i want to play is dragon ball xenoverse 2, which even in the hub world at the lowest settings meaning even resolution at 800x600 i can't even average 30 fps in the hub world, thats how bad my laptop's state is at the moment). So i have tried everything that i could think of to making it high performance. Putting windows power plan to the ultimate plan, changing from switchable graphics(when radeon settings still provided it) to high performance, changing from windows graphics settings to high performance, but nothing uses the dedicated. I know its not a hardware problem because games with crossfire profiles like battlefield 3 uses the dedicated card, tho franky using 3-10 percent of it isn't really saying much but at least it does. Every other game just refuses to use it. I know some people would say to use the oem's drivers but i have two problems with them. The first being they are old as hell using drivers from 2016 not being the crimson one but the catalyst ones, second is that those don't work either when i change the game to high performance it will just change it back to power saving. At this point i know people would say to change my laptop which i am planning on it but at the moment i would at least like for this to be fixed. Sorry if this was very long but i just need to know if there is a way to fix this also i have contacted hp support and they couldn't find out what was wrong with it and asked me to ask amd(which i have sent a message waiting for an answer soon) so for now i'm trying my luck here.


Also before you ask, yes i have used ddu to clean drivers and install with a fresh slate and have prevented windows from updating them on their own. I know people would say to use apu drivers, problem is my apu 8780p don't have any form of drivers on amd, i'm not too sure why but r7 m360 drivers support my apu so i use those, but you know the answer to how that ends up. I will provide screenshots to show that it doesn't work with dragon ball xenoverse 2, but the card kinda works with battlefield.