Adrenalin 19.2.2 & 19.2.3 Game Breaking Issues

Discussion created by vitality on Jan 3, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2020 by dthouse87

I updated to 19.2.3 and discovered that no matter what configuration, settings, hot keys I set the software to, an annoying, loud beep happens each and every time the CTRL or ALT key is pressed. Every game I have does this. There are two beeps that have slightly different sounds, and if I had to give them a description, one would be higher pitched ON and the other would be a lower pitched OFF sound. It turns on and off the frame rate in the upper-left corner each time the CTRL/ALT key is pressed. This is absolutely unacceptable. I installed 19.2.2 and its the same issue. I will be making an upgrade to an NVIDIA card in the next month. Nice knowing you AMD, you had your shot and this was it.