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Cant start Radeon Software when Freesync is enabled

Question asked by richardpickman on Jan 2, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2020 by richardpickman

Hi there.


This is my first post, so please have mercy.


Since installing 19.12.3 i have no access to the Radeon Software when i play something with freesync enabled. When i disable freesync in my monitor everything is fine. When i enable it and play any game on fullscreen, after the game exits to desktop, i cant start Radeon Software anymore. Double Click on the Icon in the Tray does nothing. If i try to start it via Windows 10 menu it only gives a opague window and thats it. I have to reboot so i can configure something. Even the overlays dont work until i reboot.


I tried reinstalling the uninstall and reinstall the driver but it did not work. Do i miss something?