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Football Manager 2020 Editor...

Question asked by hm9 on Jan 2, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2020 by hm9

I'm new in here.....Before I playing FM18 & 19 and FM18 & 19 Editor was working fine, but now FM2020 Editor was so much slow, other FM2020 working fine, when I open AMD Radeon Software, to find FM2020 Editor....see attach..... I can see that 4 recommendations for FM2020 Editor to improve your gaming how I change them of 4 things? what do i do with this? and Performance Grade? Marginal...what that mean?..... I just hope you help me with speed better on FM2020 Editor....i hate so slow, I don't know why only FM2020 Editor problem, not other games. 

I'm grateful if anyone helps with this.

My PC ASUS Primer A320 A9-K, AMD A6-9500 Radeon R5, 8 Compute Cores 2C+6G, 16GB RAM & Radeon RX 560 Serie.

thank you.