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3950X High Idle Temperature with Corsair H150i Pro

Question asked by charizard on Jan 1, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2020 by ledhed

System Configuration

Motherboard: Asus Crosshair VIII Hero Wifi (X570) Latest BIOS

CPU: AMD 3950X

Memory: 64GB GSkill Tident Z Neo 3600MHz 16-19-19-39

GPU: EVGA Nvidia 980

OS: Windows 10 x64

CPU Cooler is Corsair H150i Pro AIO



3950X Idle Temp of 55-60C with H150i Pro AIO. Note that Core 1 is always running >4.3GHz on default settings which I believe is causing the higher temps (as Ryzen Master will report the warmest CPU) - this means my fans are constantly fluctuating between lower and higher RPM which causes a highly irritating pulsating noise.


Additional Observations:

  • All mobo settings are default. PBO disabled currently.
  • PPT, TDC, EDC are default set to 142W / 140 A / 140 A respectively and when I run Cinebench R20, these max out to 100% - the CPU temp raises to 60C. It scores around 8800pts with this. It runs at no more than around 4000MHz across all cores due to the PPT TDC EDC limits (throttling?)
  • When I alter PPT TDC EDC to 395W / 255 A / 255 A - I can score up to around 10100 pts, and the temp raises to around 98C with all cores running at around 4.325MHz. This is overkill and not my intended overclock, not at those temps
  • When idle with default settings for PPT TDC EDC - Core 1 is usually 4.3GHz or higher. Core Voltage is usually 1.4V or higher
  • Idle temps when I increase the PPT TDC EDC lower to around 40C, as Core 1 doesn't run at a constant 4.3GHz+
  • If I go into power management within windows and set min and max processor state to 1%.... every core reduces to around 2GHz - the temps lower to around 30C. With this setting, the temps raise to around 50-55C when I run cinebench and it scores around 5000pts sustaining the 2GHz speeds - this makes sense from a clock speed scaling point of view considering 4GHz+ scores around 9000-10000pts.
  • Latest BIOS, latest chipset drivers
  • Reseated heatsink for AIO three times. Using Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut paste


What I want

  • idle to run at low voltage, low core speed which will give CPU temps of around 30-40C
  • Load to run at a speed to achieve around 9500-10000 pts in Cinebench with no more than 85C. This is around 4.2GHz across all cores, 1.4V and will peak at around 85C in terms of heat.
  • Uniform scaling between the two states - based on load

I have spent the best part of three days restarting into BIOS and tweaking settings... I feel like I'm nearly there, apart form this constant "Core 1 running @4.3GHz" which is causing the temp reading to be a constant 55C+, which causes constant fan noise/a loud machine/higher power consumption. I don't think I need core 1 at 4.3GHz when browsing the internet. I am unable to find other reports of this behaviour across the internet.


Is this achievable?


Screenshots and further info at the ready.