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Blender(2.81a) Crashes and Exits while trying to render 2.8 File with RPR

Question asked by re7nep on Jan 1, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2020 by re7nep

I had a Nvidia GT 1030 Graphics. Back at that Time I followed BlenderGuru to Make a Donut! (It was So GREAT) I Could render that Perfectly


But then I switched to Radeon RX580 which I can use to render with Radeon ProRender but only with Newly created 2.81 Blender Files. (eg: cube.blend)


I also Collected the sample from this thread. The Blend file attached macOS - Blender crash on with GPU and CPU checked here also works. It Renders using 2.81a (Current Version). Even if the fact is that it was a 2.8 File.


But that File (Donut.blend) which was also created using blender 2.8, 5 months ago from now, doesn't render using Radeon Pro Render.


CPU (i3-4150) + Cycles Works Fine for Donut.blend on Both Blender 2.8 and 2.81a

RX580 Gpu + Cycles Doesn't Work for Donut.blend on whatever blender version I use. (Checked way back till 2.79)

RX580 + Radeon Pro Render Doesn't Work for Donut.blend   (Tested on 2.81a, 2.81, 2.81 beta, 2.8, 2.8 beta,)

(Donut.blend won't run on 2.79 as it was created using 2.8)

CPU + Radeon Pro Render Doesn't work for Donut.blend    (Tested on 2.81a, 2.81, 2.81 beta, 2.8, 2.8 beta)

CPU + RX580 + Radeon Pro Render Also Doesn't work


But If I create any New File with 2.81a in Blender Then Radeon Pro Render Works also for that 2.8 created file at that Thread. But My 2.8 Donut.blend Crashes and Shuts down without any Message or Error Message!


I have attached a 2.81a Created Render (cube.png) Which was rendered using Radeon Pro Render!