Games not working on latest driver (please read)

Discussion created by ankoku66 on Dec 31, 2019

 Hi, so like title says ive been having issues running Tecmo Koei games like Dragon quest heroes 2 and Atelier lulua, not sure if any other but since i installed the 19.12.3 driver both games crash at start tested every possible way to make games work. compatibility mode, windowed, graphic settings, windows 10 virtual mem, on steam verify game cache and many other possible fix. But none worked so i tried installing an old driver last time i played those game was on october so i installed this one just in case adrenalin-2019-edition-19.9.2-sep23 not sure if the latest 2019 adrenalin works too.

 I hope you consider my post to a future fix, 2020 driver is great. 


my specs:

ryzen 7 2700

aorus ax370 gaming k5

vega 64

nzxt 700w 80

16 gb 3200mhz team delta