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5120x2160 OBS

Question asked by vadimyer on Dec 30, 2019



I'm running latest drivers 19.12.3 on an AMD Radeon 5700 XT (Gigabyte Gaming 8 GB OC) on a 5120x2160 display (LG 34WK95U). The problem is this: I'm trying to record/stream with OBS with custom encoder (GitHub - obsproject/obs-amd-encoder: AMD Advanced Media Framework Encoder Plugin for Open Broadcaster Studio ) but the OBS fails with an error that driver isn't accessible or should be updated. The encoder developers told me I should write to AMD with this (5120x2160 resolution support? · Issue #394 · obsproject/obs-amd-encoder · GitHub ).


Is there any solution from AMD? Also with ReLive (standard AMD app to stream/record) there's only 2160p resolutions available for both streaming and recording, that's roughly 4K, still I can't specify my monitor resolution there to record in a native one.