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3960x Max Temp confusion?

Question asked by anastrom on Dec 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2020 by misterj

Myself, many users, and reviewers are seeing temperatures reaching and persisting in excess of 80 degrees C when under sustained full loads, this with both water and air cooling.


AMD's states that the maximum recommend temperature of the 3960x and 3970x is 68 degrees C, but there is some disagreement about what that figure means.


Some are saying AMD's 68C temperature removes a 27C TCTL offset, which would place the actual max thermal limit at 95 degrees.  


Reviewers like Linus Tech Tips noted 82C thermals when running under sustained loads.  AMD clearly isn’t tired of winning yet… - Threadripper 3970X/3960X Review - YouTube (See at 5:53 in the video)





- Does AMD's 68C recommendation remove a 27 degree offset? (Is it actually 95C?)

- Are temperatures in excess of 80C potentially damaging to the CPU?

- At what temperature does the chip throttle?

- Are there any air coolers able to keep the 3960x within AMD's recommended thermal limits?