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Samsung c24f396fhi/f390 Freesync ranges

Question asked by oldpidor228 on Dec 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2020 by adam2718

This monitor 60hz, 72hz = overclocking that damages the monitor ©Samsung support. Samsung does not recommend using 72hz. But... How do I use FreeSync?  Ultimate engine= 72hz with a range of 48-72hz. Standard engine = 58-72hz (or 58-60 with 60hz). Freesync only works when overclocking this monitor?
What should I do in this case? play 48-60hz with the Ultimate engine (with flickers), or don't listen to the idiotic advice from Samsung support and play 58-72hz with the Standard engine (without flickers)?
Is "overclocking" to 72hz safe on this monitor?