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Losing monitor signal when installing display driver (Ryzen 3400g)

Question asked by 99tollap on Dec 29, 2019

I just built a new system but am having serious issues with the display driver. Everything works fine but during the driver install the monitor loses signal with the display adapter over HDMI and the signal never comes back, even with restarting. This happens at 66% of the driver installation. I've tried flashing the bios and running DDU. I've also tried selecting integrated graphics in the bios. Nothing helps. I have to restart in safe mode to get access to windows. I should also say, this is a completely new build and internet is switched off to block windows update, which also has the same effect if allowed to run. I would hugely appreciate some help!!!


System is as follows:

MSI B450 Mortar Max (flashed bios)

Ryzen 3400G (latest drivers)

16gb Corsair Vengeance 3200

Samsung 970 EVO Plus 250gb


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