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video encode with second gpu

Question asked by gizza on Dec 29, 2019
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Please help me with this. I have dual gpu. The first one (main) is RX 570 Powercolor RedDevil 4gb and the 2nd one is R7 265 256bit 2GB. Main monitor is with first gpu and the other monitors 2 and 3 are with second gpu. 
On OBS i could do video encode with GPU-1 which means second gpu and play the game on GPU-0 main gpu. But, on Radeon ReLive i don't see an option to do it. On task manager it says video encode GPU-0 i tried everything i could still can't get it to record with second gpu. 
On OBS when i used to stream or record with second gpu i would always put OBS on my second monitor and it would encode with my second gpu but in relive it just doesn't work and i don't see anything that can help me to do that.
I would appreciate any help.

-Radeon Software Version 19.12.3