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Driver - Options, Relive and Gui Problems - Radeon Software 19.12.3

Question asked by artur.aragao on Dec 28, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2019 by kingfish


I confess that I was very happy with the new interface. However, I need to report my dissatisfaction with some things like:

1- Video setup options - I had more choice with the previous driver because I could keep 2 types of options like Chill and antilag enabled. Now it's one or the other. did not like;


2- I would like them to return the option to install the previous GUI. I have lost the power to set counter removal, the options are not well laid out and seem to have mixed options together in some menus like Relive setup. It was horrible and confusing;


3- Relive is accelerated and does not work as in previous Gui. What's worse is that even returning to previous version 19.11.3, the problem persists;


4- I just discovered a bug that the mouse pointer disappears inside the game when we are messing with the Radeon Software settings.


I hope you correct that, because it's not good at all.