Single core have higher temperature R3600x

Discussion created by kadman on Dec 29, 2019

Hello all


I would like to ask about the issue when I have one core in Ryzen 3600x much hotter like even 30 Celsias than others.

This is more visible when the CPU is loaded, but iven in idle state the temperature is higher then other cores have.


Iam worried if I will run something heavy for long time this one core could get overheated.


Only tool which show teperature of individual cores with this processor is CPUID HW monitor.


I tried to check and verify this in the Ryzen master app, but it shows only the CPU temperature.


  • Is there any way to show individual core temperatures in the Ryzen master?
  • Are the numbers correct? Can I relate the the CPUIDs readings?
  • Should I do something about this issue? (Re-apply termal paste or?)


Details in the screen attached


Thank you