Video and mouse pointer sticks

Discussion created by papamas on Dec 28, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2020 by hardcoregames™
  • AMD Graphics Card -A6-6310 with Radeon R4
  • Dell Inspiron 3541 Laptop
  • Operating System Windows 10 64bit
  • Driver version installed  Radeon Software version 19.12.3
  • Driver Version




My issue is every 3 or 4 seconds the mouse pointer freezes and the video sticks for about a second - extremely annoying! Audio keeps playing and is not affected. I can get the problem to stop by reverting back to an old video driver (2006 vintage) BUT that causes lots of other problems, particularly playing games. Arcade style games are now unusable.


I first got it maybe a year or so ago after a Microsoft update. I played around with it a bit, updating drivers, trying different mouse settings, etc. The final thing which worked was to set it to allow mouse pointer trails. I don't know why, but it stopped the lag. I set the trail length as low as possible and everything was good.


Fast forward to a few weeks ago when another Microsoft update caused the issue to reappear. This time the mouse trail trick does not work. Pretty sure my problem is a video driver issue. Using the pre-boot diagnostics the mouse has no problems whatsoever. Booting back into win10 is when the problem appears.


In some games, in addition to the sticking mouse pointer, on some screens the mouse will be unusable at times for around 30 seconds. It seems to be when my system is busy doing something, but why that would affect the video of a full screen game, I dunno.


I hoped a recent update by AMD to their driver and software would help but no luck. If anyone knows anything which can help I would appreciate their input. I am so frustrated now I was looking at potential ways to change out the video "card", but that is not possible on my system. Perhaps buying a whole new system...