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PC rarely freezes then after 5 seconds restarts into "no signal"

Question asked by tjohn on Dec 28, 2019

Windows 10
Asrock B450M Pro4
Ryzen 5 2600
Sapphire RX580 Nitro+
2x8GB DDR4
SSD Kingston A2000 500GB as main drive
PSU Corsair AX750, bought in 2014.

Happened twice now, both times on desktop doing nothing special, just using browser, opening programs.

It happened today and also 3 days ago. It restarts into "no signal", I have to press the reset button to reboot it properly.

About 3 weeks ago my PC restarted without warning when I was using different motherboard, ram, CPU, and no SSD. But there was no freeze and PC didn't restart into "no signal" on screen. Do you think it's related anyway?

What can i do?

I tried different GPU drivers, 2020 versions and also 2019 one that worked with no issues before.

There was no freeze and restart in games yet.

And there is no overheating in case you are wondering.