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Hardware-accelerated H.265 (HEVC) encoding and decoding on mobile A9-9425 + Radeon R5 vs. Ryzen 3200U + Radeon Vega 3

Question asked by aidar on Dec 28, 2019

When choosing between 2 entry-level laptops with same size RAM/HDD for regular office work and playing FullHD (1920x1080) movies, one question is which would be better for decoding/playback (and encoding for home videos) in H.265 (HEVC) format?

Hardware-accelerated support for H.265 (HEVC) would likely save battery when on the road, providing more hours of usage compared to software rendering, assuming AMD driver for Windows 10 takes advantage of the hardware.

The comparison on AMD web-site does not include H.265 encoding/decoding:,8226

Overview product specs seem to not cover this either:,

Is there an AMD resource/product description that would answer this question?

Thank you.