Rx 5700 XT Gaming X Stuttering/ 100% GPU usage

Discussion created by bielik56 on Dec 27, 2019


I recently bought Rx 5700 XT Gaming X, my first time with AMD card. 

I Got 2 problems.

1: For some reason MSI Dragon Center in " Extreeme performance" mode

tries to overclock MEMORY CLOCK SPEED ond my GPU from 1750 MHz to 1950 MHz wich caused

 stuttering image in a frequency. Disabling gaming mode on all games and globally, also using "BALANCED" mode fixed it, at least maeby that will help someone. But the question is SHOULD my card go higher? or is the program from MSI just mistaken, becouse i tried to overclock it with MSI afterburner and even 1 Mhz above 1750 Mhz caused the problem to occur, also i cant turn it down. Its like its just fixed on this one frequency and it won't budge in any direction. Meaby it should be like that but i can't find any information on it anywhere. 


2. Around 2 days ago playing PUBG my card started using like 90-100% GPU and not maintaining 75 Fps on my 75 Hz AOC monitor on 1440p. But before it was buttery smooth. The problem is still occuring. I would Very much apprieciate help.