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rx 5700 XT Evoke cannot control the fan curve

Question asked by neo11986 on Dec 27, 2019

I bought the MSI RX 5700xt EVOKE OC card before Christmas. Why can't I set the fan curve in AMD software and msi afterburner. When the temperature reaches 74 degrees on the hot spot sensor starts the windmills working at full where the GPU shows a temperature of 60 degrees and the bone frame around 50 degrees. I reduced the voltage to 1156. The card draws 165 watts, the card continues to work at 2100mhz. It cooled down the card a bit. But the fans keep turning above 2400 revolutions. I do not want to interfere in the bios because I could reduce the work of fans there at a certain temperature. Because I know that people do that they only turn on the windmills at full when the card reaches 90 degrees. Because of the amd software I have just lowered the voltage at 2100mhz to 1156. And the question is why you can't control the windmills ???