How to NOT overclock my tower

Discussion created by crankyolddog on Dec 26, 2019
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i have a 2015/2016 CyberPowerPC tower, i recently bought a AMD Radeon RX580 graphics card so i could play higher end games. i currently have it installed into my tower. I have a 8 gigs of ram,and im trying NOT to overclock my pc. I have no idea on what i am doing and could use some help. I also am not sure what model my tower is exactly. Here is a provided picture of my tower. Also, we are aware it needs a cleaning, we will be getting it cleaned today.


the inside of our tower


Additonal info:

We have a decent back and front fan

we have a deepcool fan on the mother board

and the two fans that are provided with graphics card.

we aren't sure what watt the power bank is.