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rx 5700 xt memory reporting double amount in use?

Question asked by jl5086 on Dec 25, 2019

Today I noticed while using blender with a very simple scene, consisting of 1 cube and 1 plane, with 2 materials, and using eevee in the veiwport under low quality settings, That in wattman it was reporting 8300mb vram utilized.  The GPU doesn't even have that much, and even after closing Blender and all other apps it only went down to 4500mb.  After a restart it seems fine, with low use, maybe 300-500mb, but as soon as I start any program that actually uses the 3D gpu it goes up very high.  I wonder if it is doubled reporting because as HWinfo shows in the picture here, the 3d dedicated amount + the 3d dynamic don't add up to nearly the total use amount that is shown below it, which is also the amount which wattman is showing.    FWIW task manager and CPUID HWmonitor are both showing similar amounts to just about the amount shown in the "3D dedicated" entry of HWinfo.   I have not noticed nearly this high of VRAM use before when using blender without much for textures or materials really, and I get just as elevated numbers when using ProRender with a similar basic scene.   Maybe something with latest Adrenalin 2020 release?HWinfo64