RX 570 4gb screen flicker (FIXED lol)

Discussion created by bexxy.bex90 on Dec 25, 2019

So, back in October, I upgraded from a GTX 750TI to an RX 570 4g from gigabyte. Its been the best upgrade yet. Never had a single issue that everyone told me I would have, until now. I received am identical monitor to the one I have, an ASUS VP248QC gaming monitor, so naturally, I cleaned up my setup, and applied the monitor to the desk I built myself. ANYWAY, I fired it up, did some things with the setup side, and it started giving me issues. Screen flickering issues. Suddenly I am faced with an unfixable problem. I searched far and wide for a solution to this error I have came upon, until I decided I would attempt something nobody has ever said to do. My pixel format was set at 4:4:4 Full RGB, I decided I have enough RGB in my life, so I set it to YCbCr 4:4:4, and just like that, the screen started behaving like a well trained dog. Then I shut my rig down and beat it with a hammer because why not. (JK about that. Though it would be relieving considering all of the issues my rig has been giving me with the hard drives and whatnot) So, I decided to post my fix. AND got banned from a support forum because my fix, wasn't what they wanted. But anyway, Hi I am Bexley, and I fixed your GPU!

CPU: Ryzen 3 1300x (it was good when I bought it!!)
Mobo: Screwed to the case is an MSI B350 Gaming+
GPU: Gigabyte (cheap, but still powerful) RX 570 4g
Ram: 2 8gb sticks of G.Skill Ripsaw's I got for like $65 brand new before ram became the overpriced ball of spice it is now
PSU: Some beater 500w 80+ bronze I got from the dump last weekend (JK, its a Thermaltake TR2 500w, and I got it from my brother for a bday gift, it was brand new never touched)
My case: Spec-04 carbide that is yellow, and someone tried to tell me it was super rare. It cost me $50.
Hard drive: All of it. SSDs, M.2s, HDDs, even a scsi drive. (JK I only have 3 SSDs and 1 HDD. Maxed out my port space too)
Anything else I am missing?

Oh yeah, I also bought the GPU brand new.

(I'm kind of an AMD fangirl)