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amd possible cause for the black screen, and stuttering problems some people have

Question asked by mordrac on Dec 25, 2019



yesterday i tested my rx 5700 xt with the "occt" tool.
when i tested the gpu ram the display response etc started to stutter, in the same way games or benchmarks stutter, making usually stable 60-70 fps fluctuate between 40 and 70. (or even worse)


the stuttering often leads into a black screen.

when i run 3dmark time spy without the "mpt" fix, it stutters right from start and causes a black screen a few seconds later every time.

with the mpt fix it just stutters until its done with a bad performance rating without going black screen.


so i believe the very problem lies within the memory controller or the meory itself with some cards, and that changes in the drivers that enhance performance worsens the effects on the "faulty" cards.



so people with the same problems, i want you to test some things out please.

1) please download the following tools

   - occt tool -> OCBASE / OCCT 

   - more power tool (mpt) - > MorePowerTool – AMD Radeon RX 5700 (XT) und Radeon VII Tweaking- und Übertaktungssoftware | Download (Update 1.1.2) – Se… 

   - gpuz -> GPU-Z Graphics Card GPU Information Utility 

2) extract you gpu bios with gpuz

3) create a mpt profile with soc voltage at 1.2v and write down the bios default soc voltage

4) test your gpu with occt tool and see if it does any errors in 3d and memory with and without the mpt fix

     and if there is the same stuttering like in games

5) can you reproduce stuttering and crashes in 3dmark time spy or other tools/games?


if you dont know how to do this, please dont as it might harm your hardware.

does anyone know what kind of ram chips are installed on the gpu without removing the cooler? would be nice to know if the problems occure only with one kind of ram.


and please post a summary of you gpu like this:


Powercolor RX 5700 XT Red Devil

Standard Soc max voltage 1.05v

Standard Soc min voltage 0.75v

MPT Soc max voltage 1.15v

MPT Soc min voltage 0.85v

MPT fix solves Black Screen: yes

MPT fix solves Stuttering: no

Driver Version: 19.12.1



- increasing the minimum soc voltage from 0.75v to 0.85v reduced stuttering.

- increasing it further only increased power consumption, but didnt help with stuttering further.

- stuttering is the result of memory clock droping on load. reducing memory clock from 875 to 800 helped with memory   clock drop.




dont use the wattman power limit or stuttering will get worse again. leave it at 0.



ok it looks i could completly fix black screens and stuttering with mpt. 
here is how:


power and voltage:

 - increased max voltage soc from 1.05v to 1.15v

 - increased min voltage soc from 0.75v to 0.85v

 - increased max voltage gfx from 1.2v to 1.3v

 - set power limit gpu 225w

 - tdc limit gfx 210w

 - tdc limit soc 15w


overdrive limits:

 - gfx maximum clock 2100

 - power limit min and max 0