Is there a way to get a AMD Vega 64 to work with a Denon X6500H? Nvidia seems to work.

Discussion created by tanquen on Dec 24, 2019
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This all worked fine with my Onkyo AVR. Now with the Denon, the AMD card will work randomly. Right now I have to leave the two computer LCD displays on and add the Denon AVR as an extended display and toggle the color depth and res until it connects. When I first set it all up it worked but the picture would go out if I used the Denon enhanced 4k mode. If I run a temporary HDMI direct to the TV it works fine and never has any dropouts. My old PC with and older NVidia card seems to work fine through the Denon AVR. I think it’s an EDID issue with the Denon or AMD.