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Lag when STRG key is used.

Question asked by dabby on Dec 24, 2019

Hey there,


after upgrade to 19.12.3 from 19.12.1 i got short lag / framdrop if i press STRG key in World of Tanks.


Mabye all the hotkey stuff in the new tool? Is there a way to switch them all off?


Is there a Driver only version?  i realy dont need all this bloat 


thank you.






    AMD Graphics Card
    Desktop or Laptop System
    Operating System
Win10x64, 1909
    Driver version installed
    Display Devices
Acer G245HQ    @HDMI
LG  HD        @DVI
Samsung TV    @HDMI        


    Motherboard + Bios Revision
Asrock Taichi x470 Bios P3.50


Ryzen 2700x
    Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage
be quiet! STRAIGHT POWER11 CM 750W
16 GB