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AMD StoreMI does not work, PC stays on the first boot screen!

Question asked by denizari on Dec 23, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2019 by denizari

Mainboard Gigabyte B450m SH2 - F50 Bios.

1- Windows installed on 700Gb HDD and HDD single partition.

2- I reset the SSD and do not create any partitions. Now SSD completely clean (RAW)...

3- Open StoreMI and click "Create Tier", I approve the warning page that opens.

4- I mark SSD as fast and HDD as slow on disk screen.

5- I am waiting for the creation of a Tier bar.

6- And restart the computer. But the computer stays on the first boot screen and Windows does not start!  Please tell me, where am I doing wrong? Or where is the problem?